Posted by: billkillers | September 1, 2005

gear list

>> updated august 14, 2006

alex ‘eskimo boy’ roy, gets his kicks from a cool set of pearl EXR’s, courtesy of la luna. nice to be back with real drums…

marc ‘jorge’ montebello, slashes surf ‘n rock with a cort G-290 (2005 model). this axe has a lovely burled maple top, EMG pickups, and a whammy bar that actually stays in tune!

the cort is blasted through a laney TF-200-II amplifier. all distortion sounds come from this baby’s two separate gain stages, equipped with select mesa-boogie tubes, which drive the solid-state power amp section.
he’s running a boss DD-3 digital delay in the effects loop (sad to say, the reverb sucks on the laney, though it is presssed into service when in ‘surf mode’). from the guitar, the signal runs into a dunlop cry-baby wah, into a modified boss TR-2 tremolo (with a clipped out capacitor for a smoother sound) before hitting the input section of the amp. he’s also been known to use a compressor for soloing (on loan from peter burnside).

‘sir’ jeremy van sluytman, gets subsonic on a well-worn blue fender squier p-bass, circa unknown; volume and tone knobs last seen on a lunch tray in the QIS school cafeteria..
the p-bass’s signal runs into a peavey bass amp (used as a monitor) before slamming into the house PA.


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