Posted by: billkillers | September 1, 2005

who are those guys?

T he former ‘jorge’ member of the qingdao fab four, ‘the cheatles’, marc montebello wanted to break new wind with a guitar based, tarentino-
flavoured combo, and found brethren in these
other unlikely canadian lads…

 marc’s redSTAR profile

Life in Qingdao has brought its share of changes for ‘Sir’ Jeremy Van Sluytman. Marriage, more teaching, and now, relishing the experience as bassist (and sometimes drummer) for ‘the billKillers’. In short (no jokes please), a teacher who plays music???.. or is it a musician who works as a teacher?? ..I stole that from a friend ‘-)



  1. You Guys are welcome to advertise your events for free on Qingdao Travel & Living Guide. Cheers

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