Posted by: billkillers | September 3, 2006

the band

the new incarnation.
left to right: alex “eskimo boy” roy (drums), “sir” jeremy van sluytman (bass, lead vocals),
marc “jorge” montebello (guitar, backup vocals).



  1. well you guys are no LRB (Little River Band to the uninitiated losers) but yer ok in my books…but hey Van – could you try playing…ahhhh….BETTER! Just kidding – Leon pointed me here – gotta get back to Qingdao and see it for real! (PS give May a big sloppy kiss for me)

  2. hold on to your ‘terrace’ chair, we just might take the show down yonder quicker than you can say ‘yi da ping qingdao pi jiu – hen bing de!’


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