Posted by: billkillers | April 3, 2007

f*ck mySpace..

..and all of its unsightly layouts, obnoxious ads, and exasperating steps to process an update (add 5 or 6 in china thanks to the “Great FireWall”). apologies for the outburst, but you see, i caved in last week and signed up to mySpace before someone noticed our conspicuous absence from the godfather of the social music web. i mean, everyone’s on this thing – cui jian, john mccain, tom waits – hec, even hugo chavez! (ok, maybe his is a phoney, but how can you be sure?). as if having blogspot regularly shutdown by the ‘net nannies’ in beijing (i prefer to call them babies actually) wasn’t bad enough, trying to edit a profile or upload a jpeg on mySpace has become an exercise in futility.

anyways, all this to say i’ve discovered something way better – it’s called VIRB° and this thing rocks! the layout is clean, completely customisable, has a great mp3 player (give our new tunes a listen), and even the ads are relegated to the footer and manage to blend in. last but hardly least, and more importantly for us guys chillin’ in the PRC, VIRB° is not (yet) blocked by the central comrades. click the screenshot, and stay tuned for updates.

oh yeah, you can check out my attempt to beautify our mySpace page here, but don’t say i didn’t warn you.




  1. kdvg7Y hi great site thx

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