Posted by: billkillers | April 8, 2007

videoVirb update

i’m currently cross-posting entries on our VIRB° site as well as here at blogspot. one doesn’t actually replace the other, but any traffic on the mainland will most certainly be headed virb-way, since the blockage of blogger accounts in china is becoming frustratingly frequent. there’s also an mp3 player built into VIRB°, which makes it easier for prospective fans or agents to have a quick listen to our (live) sound without the wait of a video load. i hope to embed a version of the player on this site in the very near future, so stay tuned ; )

speaking of video, our ‘dailymotion’ entries (which include most of the videos on this site!) seem to have disappeared, at least within the boundaries of the ‘great fire-wall’. are any of yuz outside of china able to view some recent video posts? i’m wondering if it’s a by-product of the our infamous beijing ‘net-nannies’, or just another web2.0 up the creek sans-paddle (or was it that teensy weensy copyright infringement thingy??). do tell.

ok, so i’m diggin’ VIRB° more and more, especially since this latest block on blogspot in the good ‘ol PRC, combined with the apparent ‘dailyMotion’ vaporisation, and thought i’d upload some video for a try. here’s the first result from the MaX 07 concert: (you can also check it out on our VIRB° page)

ALREADY GONE  by ‘the billKillers’

courtesy of preston roy

more to come.. waddya tink? decent enough? uh, notwithstanding a disclaimer and apology for the sound quality (and it ain’t the camera’s fault in this case), but hey, it was the same for us onstage, except way louder!

talk amongst yerselves,



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