Posted by: billkillers | April 28, 2007

blasts from recent pasts

>> well, it’s official – the ‘net nannies’ in beijing have blocked access to nary every foreign video-sharing site, including both revver and dailyMotion, two sites where i upload most of our live videos. youTube is still available behind ‘the great fire-wall’ (another sino-google deal?), but i find the quality of their conversion to ‘flash’ abysmal (especially from our already low-fidelity clips). thus for the benefit of our fans and prospective sponsors in china, i’ll be gradually re-posting some of our highlights through VIRB°, which is still viewable in this fair land*.

here’s an oldie but goodie, from a gig at clubNY – qingdao’s premiere live music venue..
FIRE  by ‘jimi hendrix’

courtesy of kitty qu

* i won’t be delving into political issues on this site, but i do maintain a account with links to various blogs and articles regarding culture, military intelligence, and human rights in china. check it out.
(note: many of the sites listed are inaccessible within china)



  1. Quiro fotos para mi correo electronico

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